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We seek men and women who sense a call to Holy Orders (as a deacon or priest) and those who are already ordained and seek to incardinate with and into the IOCC.

We offer training (leading to theological degrees in Ministry, Divinity and Theology) through our seminary, Agape Seminary - East Coast Campus, and ordain both men and women. We hold valid Apostolic Succession and, if so called, welcome you to prayerfully discern whether to follow your vocation and prepare for Holy Orders.Please take time to review our website reach out to us for more information or a phone conversation. 

How to Seek Ordination


  1. Is God calling you to Holy Orders? Pray about the matter.

  2. Contact us via email using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page or call Bishop Steven M. Harris to talk about your vocation. 

  3. If you have had no seminary or theological training, we offer a full online/distance learning program leading to a degree in theology through Agape Seminary - East Coast Campus. Our programs are designed for serious students with low academic fees.  The website is                    

  4. For those already ordained or who hold a theological degree we have a fast track program and/or incardination (transfer) option.

  5. The candidate must complete a formal application, with photo and references. Often several interviews will be conducted.  If we and you feel a call to Holy Orders, a date will be set.  Ordinations must be in person. In urgent cases, a Ministerial License may be issued.

  6. ​We wish to stress that our clergy, like St. Paul, serve without salary, and you are called to build your own ministry - a local congregation, nursing or retired home services, chaplain work, assist other clergy, or serve as Priests-At-Large. Our Bishops are always available for counsel, advice and prayer.

  7. We hold clergy meetings from time to time and official Synods year. You are most welcome and encouraged to attend.  Our website has announcements posted from time to time.

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